very hungry

Chicken Noodle Soup  
Chicken broth soup with rice noodles, tender chicken breast, and a garnish of cilantro, bean sprouts, mint leaves, thai basil and lemonsito. 199

Hungarian Sausage  (mild spicy)
Hungarian Sausage with a sunny fried egg, rice and coleslaw - a simple and tasty meal. 209

Classic cheeseburger: beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard mayo on a brioche bun, served with a side of fries. 249

Beef Tapa Tenderloin Bowl
Flavorful and meaty, perfect for those who are hungry! Slices of beef, sunny fried egg and rice! Go for it! 249

Chicken in Mushroom Gravy
Good for 1 - breaded chicken with rice & creamy gravy  199
Good for sharing (3-4 person) 449

Pork Adobowl
This is your Filipino favorite! 
Good for 1 - served with slices of tomato, sunny fried egg, and rice! 209
Good for sharing (3-4 person)  459

Bangus Bowl
Good for 1 -
served with sunny fried egg, and rice! We debone our Bangus but still be careful with ‘em bones!  (the weight of Bangus may vary based on supplier availability)
Regular(~90grams) 169
Plus (~130grams) 189
Good for sharing (3-4 person) 369

Chorizo Bowl
Choice of spicy or non-spicy. Comes with sunny fried egg & rice. 189

Garlic Butter Shrimp (mild spicy)
Shrimp pan-fried in butter with cayenne pepper for a little bit of spice. Served with turmeric fried rice. Side of sweet corn. 229

Naglibog Plate 🤯
Confused? Want a bit of everything? We got you! This bowl comes with a little bit of your favorites — slices of pork adobo, beef tapa & chorizo. Served with rice & sunny fried egg. How does that sound? 269

Chicken Pancit Sotanghon
Sotanghon with chicken slices, vegetables and toasted whole wheat bread. 210
Good for sharing (3-4 person)  439


kinda hungry

Chicken Banh Mi 
A crispy baguette filled with chicken, pickled carrot & daikon radish, cucumber, and cilantro—an explosion of Asian flavors. 159

Pamahaw Inamerkano
This is our American Breakfast. 3 strips of bacon. Scrambled eggs. 
2 slices of toasted bread.  189

Pamahaw Binisaya
Filipino Breakfast, obviously. 1 puto (sticky rice) plus 1 slice of mango plus 1 cup of sikwati (Filipino chocolate drink) equals 1 good day! 99

Buttermilk Pancake                                                                                                    
Who says pancakes are only for mornings? There are no rules. Always a good time for pancakesss! 3 layers of pancakes and syrup.  139 or with bacon 179

Classic BLT
Honey cured bacon, lettuce, tomato with mayo on whole wheat bread 199 or with egg +15

Chicken Salad Sandwich
Chicken breast mixed with greek yogurt, dijonnaise, celery, onion, tomato, lettuce on whole wheat bread. Reads like a mouthful, right? It’s delicious! 219

Tuna Melt
Tuna flakes mixed with dijonnaise, celery, onion, parsley, lemon with cheddar cheese on whole wheat bread. 219


sandwich combos

Sandwich, french fries and fruit shake (except custom shakes). Save 20!

Classic BLT 348
Chicken Salad Sandwich 368
Tuna Melt 368


fries & chips

French Fries 
It’s so simple. We don’t know how to describe it, but it’s good! 79 
cheese flavor 89           barbecue flavor 89

Homemade chips
with Salsa 79



Chicken  Nuggets   
Crispy 6-piece Chicken Nuggets with rice and sweet soy dip. 149



Mango Float
Simple! Mangoes that make you float. 69

Affogato al caffe
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream drowned with a shot of hot espresso & laced with chocolate & caramel sauce. 119

Chocokie 79

Chocolate chips and gooey goodness in every bite.

Banana Chocolate Muffin 99
Ripe bananas, rich chocolate, pure bliss

Blueberry Muffin 109
Blueberries, vanilla, cinnamon. Perfect for breakfast or a midday treat.



available everyday

Meat overload flatbread: Bacon, salami milano, mozarella, parmesan, homemade basil pesto, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil199

Classic neapolitan pizza, mozarella, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil   239

Pepperoni, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil   299

All Cheese
Extra mozarella and parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil    279

Mexican (Filipino Style)

Chicken Taco
Chicken Taco (2pcs)……………115
with Chips & Salsa dip……………145
with Chips, Salsa dip & Iced Tea……………160

Chicken pesto (4 slices)……..159
Good for sharing (3-4 person) 289 
with homemade chips & salsa dip….…189
with homemade chips, salsa dip & iced tea………204

Homemade Chips
with Salsa………..79
extra Salsa……………39

fresh juices

Apple Juice                     145
Orange Juice                  145
Cucumber Lemonade    110
Carrot Lemonade            135
Fresh Apple-Orange Juice       145

Sunrise                            129    
Apple, orange, celery

Sunset                             129     
Watermelon, apple, orange, basil

Rejuvenate                      140
Watermelon, mango & orange



Mango Graham Shake              129    
Mango Shake                             100
Banana Shake                            100
Watermelon Shake                    100
Buko Shake                                100
Avocado Shake                          100

hot coffee

Americano       95
Cappuccino     115
Latte      130
Caramel Macchiato 145
Caffe Mocha 145  
Spanish Latte  145  


iced coffee

Americano     110
Latte     140
Spanish Latte     160
Caramel Macchiato     160
Ube-latte            160    



Caramel   199    
Chocolate    199  



Iced chocolate        109
Hot chocolate          99
Sikwati       45 

other drinks

San Mig Light beer                      70
Lemon Dou                                  90
Nature’s Spring Water                 25
Coca Cola                                     25
Sprite                                             25



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